Saturday, March 17, 2012

Silence means...

Dear Readers,

Given I'm pausing in the series on Psalm 118 (119) for a few days given the various feasts we are enjoying, please consider taking this opportunity to provide any feedback on the series you might have so far!

Is it worth my while continuing to post the verse by verse notes in particular?  The lack of comment suggests not.

As formatting them does take a bit of time and effort, please do let me know if you are actually reading them and finding them helpful.

Are you finding it useful? 

Is it encouraging you to pray the psalm in Latin?

Or are you finding you disagree with my take on the verses?

Is there other information or formatting changes you would like to suggest?

I'm particularly interested in feedback on the verse by verse notes since they take time to compile that I could spend doing other things - so do let me know if the vocab lists for example too detailed, not inclusive enough, or useful?

Are the grammatical notes and comments on the text worthwhile continuing to include?

Are the phrase by phrase breakdowns helpful?

Are the quotes from commentaries etc helpful?

Any and all feedback on or offline is appreciated!


  1. I find it all helpful and usually don't comment unless I have some desire to make a correction.

    Psalm 118 is one I'm least familiar with, as I rarely make the time to pray the Hours during which it is recited.

    Both this site and Saints Will Arise are part of my regular Lenten reading this year and, rather than seek discussion, I'm "drawing from the well", so to speak.

    I've been using the Monastic Diurnal for several years but this is the first time I've really tried to dive into its depths. I find your posts very helpful in doing so.

    I have also pointed some Protestant friends in the direction of your excellent posts. This kind of exegesis is unknown to them. Even though a cradle Catholic it was unknown to me until very recently.

    Thank you for the effort. Sorry I have so little to contribute.

  2. And, yes, the verse-by-verse is helpful. I prefer to pray in Latin, although I often use English when praying in common with the rest of my family.

    But as my wife and children express interest in the Latin, I'm very grateful to have a place I can point them to which will help them understand what's going on.

    You're doing for the Psalter what Fr.Z does for the Propers of the Missal. Thank you.

  3. Thanks Flambeaux, that's helpful.