Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fr Cassian Folsom on the interpretation of Psalm 136 and the psalms***Updated

Just a note for those who are regular readers of this blog - I'm listening at the moment to Fr Cassian Folsom's third talk in his excellent Praying without Ceasing series.

All of the talks in this series so far have been great, but the third seems particularly relevant to the interpretation of the psalms that I've been advocating for here, in that it goes to the spiritual, and particularly the Christological, interpretation of the psalms.

It opens with an exposition of Psalm 136, and particularly those difficult cursing verses at the end.  I think what I've said in my posts to date on Psalm 136 (and is coming on the remaining verses this coming week) is very much in line with his talk (which is cheering for me!), and adds some useful points, so do go and listen.

**I'm up to the halfway point on this talk now, and a great exposition on the difficulties of translating and interpreting the psalms using Psalm 109.

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