Monday, April 28, 2014

Coming soon...

This is just a quick note to let readers know that I plan to resume my psalm notes series this week, with a look at some of the psalms that are frequently repeated in the Benedictine Divine Office.

The repeated psalms of the Office

Before Easter someone asked me if I'd take a look at Psalm 94, one of the two invitatory psalms for Matins in the Benedictine Office, also said daily in the older forms of the Roman Office.

I've also previously indicated that I plan to look at the Gradual Psalms.

Accordingly, I thought that this might in fact be a timely point to look at the full set of daily (or frequently said) psalms in the Benedictine Office.  My plan then, subject to my own time constraints, is to look first at those psalms said daily in the Office, viz:
  • Psalm 3 (just one post on this as I've previously provided verse by verse notes); 
  • Psalm 94 at Matins;
  • Psalms 66 said daily at Lauds;
  • Psalm 50 (recently covered in the penitential psalms series);
  • Psalms 148-150 at Lauds; 
  • Psalms 4 and 90 said each day at Compline.
My thinking is then to take a look at the Gradual Psalms, particularly focusing on Psalms 119-127 said at Terce to None on Tuesday to Saturday; and Psalm 133 said at Compline each day.


Before I get started though, please do feel free to provide any feedback on anything to do with the blog.

I'd particularly appreciate any comments on things like:
  • Frequency of posts - I'm thinking of posting every second day for example, does that sound about right?
  • Are there any particular things you'd like to see included in the notes (or left out/less of)?
  • Any explanatory notes on my approach needed?
  • Any particular psalms (or sets of psalms) you'd like me to consider looking at in future?  My plan at the moment is to get back, eventually, to the psalms of the day hours from Thursday to Saturday, focusing particularly on Vespers, but I'm open to other suggestions (for example going back to fill in verse by verse notes on some of the psalms I've only provided overviews of).
And in the meantime...

You might also find my series on lectio divina this week over at my other blog of interest, not least because it includes some examples on the psalms.


  1. Kate... I think you should proceed with the commentaries as you outlined above. Many thanks for all your hard work! Feedback: master posts help me a great deal in putting it all together, so to speak. Need to know where to find it all! Ave's for you and your own. Danny

  2. Thanks Danny that is very useful.

    Would it be helpful to do some masterposts by hour in the Benedictine Office? I'm open to other suggestions as well...

  3. I think that indeed it would be most helpful and makes the most sense by making these so called master posts arranged by the Benedictine hour, with perhaps some of your thoughts, as you have in the past, as to why you think St Benedict assigned what particular psalm(s) to what particular hour where you feel that might indeed be the case. We need for the monastic breviary that which Pius Parsch did for the 1911 breviary/ psalter arrangement... and you are well on your way and the closest to that as far as I am aware, and for that I thank you. Thoughts for the future... the ferial vesper hymns, followed by the other ferial hymns. The Matins psalms, perhaps when done with the day hours though. That'll take a while.

  4. Yes that is indeed what I'm working towards, so happy to test out text here!