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Psalm 118 (Beth) - (Sunday Prime no 2)

Painting by Jean Weyh in the St Stephen's church of Mackenheim, France

Psalm 118, Beth (Vs 9-16): In quo corrigit 

9. In quo córrigit adolescéntior viam suam? * in custodiéndo sermónes tuos.
By what does a young man correct his way? By observing your words
10. In toto corde meo exquisívi te: * ne repéllas me a mandátis tuis.
With my whole heart have I sought after you: let me not stray from your commandments.
11  In corde meo abscóndi elóquia tua: * ut non peccem tibi.
Your words have I hidden in my heart, that I may not sin against you
12. Benedíctus es, Dómine: * doce me justificatiónes tuas.  
Blessed are you, O Lord: teach me your justifications.
13  In lábiis meis, * pronuntiávi ómnia judícia oris tui.
With my lips I have pronounced all the judgments of your mouth.
14  In via testimoniórum tuórum delectátus sum, * sicut in ómnibus divítiis.
I have been delighted in the way of your testimonies, as much as in all riches.
15  In mandátis tuis exercébor: * et considerábo vias tuas.
I will meditate on your commandments: and I will consider your ways.
16 In justificatiónibus tuis meditábor: * non oblivíscar sermónes tuos.
I will think of your justifications: I will not forget your words.

You can hear the verse read aloud in Latin here.

This octave of verses starts by talking about the importance of starting out on the right path as a young person, and ends with a rejection of ‘forgetfulness’, or falling away from God. Taken together, they are, I think, a prayer for the grace of perseverance.

Beth is the second psalm of Sunday Prime, and essentially has the same message as the second psalm of Monday Prime (Psalm 2), namely the call for us to take refuge in God, and submit to his discipline.   This portion of Psalm 118 urges us to start young, listen carefully to what God is saying, and remember them always by the practice of meditation.  In short, conversion takes effort.

In the section of the first letter, the faithful people pointed to the spheres of blessedness in which they begged to be maintained; they now under the second letter reveal the time of conversion, and by quoting the Lord's words also state what delights they are to enjoy.
Fr Pasch:
Serve God with all your strength

You can read more on these verses of Psalm 118 here.

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