Monday, August 18, 2014

Thank you...

I just wanted to thank the kind people who sent me a book from my wish list, a Middle English commentary on the penitential psalms translated by Dame Eleanor Hull.

It was so kind of the sender to acknowledge the work on the blogs, and I'm very grateful for your prayers.  And  I was absolutely thrilled to receive this particular book as the subject (the psalms) and the period are of particular interest to me (I wrote my honours thesis many years ago on another middle english devotional work based on an old french version as this is) - one of the many books that my very limited budget just hadn't stretched to yet!

Thanks you again, and I hope the blog continues to be of use.

And please do all keep me in your prayers, as illness, other demands on my time, and a few other factors have made it rather hard to do much work on this of late so you are seeing the fruits of banked up work that will sooner or later run out if I don't get moving again!  But hopefully that will happen soon (not least prompted by this act of kindness)...

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